Happy Mothers Day


To The Empty Nest Mom who has poured out her blood, sweat, and tears. She has put in the countless hours. She has raised her kids. She has given them everything they need and has hesitantly “let them go” out into the world.
To The Mom to Teenagers who wonders if today they will be friends or enemies. Who struggles through the drama, the heartbreak, the sports, the friendships, the attitudes, the school projects, the messy rooms, the dates, and the college applications. Who at the end of the day is just praying she did something right.
To The Mom to Little Ones who is knee deep in toys, training pants, and tantrums. The one with jelly in her hair and a baby on her hip as she waves the other little ones off to the school bus.
To The Single Mom who fills the role of two parents every single day. The bread winner, the home maker, and everything else in between with rarely ever a moment to herself. She’s longing for a shower, but today baby wipes will just have to do!
To The Military Mom who is at home fighting for her family while her husband is away fighting for our country. Who straps on her boots and does what needs to be done until he is home with them again.
To The New Mom who nurses her little one in the wee hours of the night, overcome with such an in-explainable amount of love for such a tiny little thing that refuses to let her sleep.
To The Mom to Be who waddles around with a round tummy and swollen feet. She’s anxiously anticipating the arrival of her sweet little one as she eats pickles and peanut butter while preparing the nursery!
To The Mom at Heart who longs for the day she will hold her own child in her arms. It is a constant prayer that, for whatever reason, has yet to be answered. So she waits…
To The Grieving Mom who has lost child, at no matter what age, the hurt is beyond compare. A piece of her is missing and sometimes the grief is more than she can bear.
To The Motherless Mom who watches her family grow, she sees each milestone made, and she whispers to herself, “I wish my mother was here for this.”
To The Grand Mom who gets to relive some of the best parts of motherhood all over again as she watches her grandchildren grow.
To every Mom, in whatever stage of the journey, today and every day, I salute you!
Happy Mothers Day!happy mothers day


About Leslie Lickey

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom. I love the Lord and hope that each day I can become a little more like Him. I am a work in progress. I have an awesome husband and 5 amazing kids! I love painting, planning parties, decorating, crafty things, taking pictures, reading, and hanging with the family!

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